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The proposed machine is designed for pre-packing of dust-forming and hard-running products such as powdered pepper, powdered sugar, ground coffee, spices and other powdery products into sachet format packets. It is equipped with a screw batcher for these 
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The automatic machine for the packing of liquid products into bags of "sachet" 081.28.02

The proposed packaging machine is used for packing small doses of pasty or liquid products with their following packaging in a 3 or 4-seam package type "sachet" (sachet bag). 
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Automatic packaging machine in sachet bags,4

This packaging machine is designed to pack easy-bulk products into sachet bags. It can be usable like salt packing machine or sugar packing machine. Also it is well suited for packing sugar, salt, spices, tea, coffee, seeds, and chemical products. The 
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Automatic machine for pre-packing into sachet disposable packets 081.32.05

The proposed machine is designed for pre-packing fine-grain, fine-crystalline and other non-dusting products into disposable packets. We can offer: The machine for pre-packing into the sachet packets with a two-channel weight batcher. 
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Automatic machine for packing loose products in disposable sachets 081.50.01

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