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Рacking machine (Ribbon printer) 021.73.01
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Рacking machine (Ribbon printer) 021.73.01

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Рacking machine (Ribbon printer) 021.73.01


Machine frame made of SS#304;

Allen Brandley PLC Control system, 10.4"Touch screen;

English and Chinese display;

Weigh hopper info:10pcs,1.6L volume,with smooth plate;

Weigh Range: 50-1500g;

Max. Weigh Speed: 60 WPM;

Accuacy: ±0.1~0.2% (based on sizes of products);



Packing Range

50~1500g (According to actual density of the product)

Weighing Accuracy

±0.1~0.2% (based on sizes of products)

Pouch Size (W*L)

70-240mm/50-300 (mm)

Max.Film Width

480 (mm)

Packing Speed

25~40 bag/min.


4Kw/15A; 380V AC 50HZ (Available for custom-made)

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

0.4 Nm3/min.

Power Supply Mode

3 phase 4 wires

Equipment Size (D*W*H)

1600*1600*1800 (mm)

Equipment Weight


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