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Automatic Thermoformer
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Automatic Thermoformer

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Automatic Thermoformer

Manufacturer: Turkey

Technical description:

1. Lower film holder station

- Coil-holder handle with pneumatic shaft

- Pneumatic brakes

- Internal diameter of the film: 76 mm

- Outer diameter of the film: 500 mm

- Signal when the lower film is consumed


2. Heating station

- Teflon-coated heater, sandwich panels

- Heating plates with internal heaters

- PID temperature control

- Lifting system with pneumatic piston


3. Formation of the station

- Camera shaper

- Spring-loaded sealing system

- Forming system with lifting columns

- Interchangeable kits with easy adjustment

Dosing unit (Optional)


5. Sealing unit

- Sealing chamber

- Sealing plates with cartridge heaters inside

- Sealing plates, with function for forming the angle of easy opening.

- PID control temperature monitoring

- Extremely flexible kits with easily replaceable mechanism

- Silicone gaskets

- Sealing lifting system with columns

- Vacuum pump Busch 100 m3 / h

- Sealing vacuum group complete with digital vacuum meter, stainless steel fittings AISI 304


6. The gas filling unit

- Gas filling system complete with tank

- PLC controller, gas valve


7. Upper film holder station

- Coil-holder handle with pneumatic shaft

- Pneumatic brakes

- Internal diameter of the film: 76 mm

- Outer diameter: 300 mm

- Photographic registration system

- Alarm when the upper film ends


8. Longitudinal cutting unit

- Longitudinal cutting system with blades

- Cut length through circular blades

It is easy to replace the complete cutting unit (format on the form)

Transverse cutting block

Crossings, round corners

Operated by pneumatic piston and special mechanism

Sliding (piston) cutting station for 2 cross sections


10. Output conveyor

- 1,5-meter output conveyor

- Conveyor height is adjustable


11. Web Unwinding Films

Device for unwinding with self-adjusting geared motor, with microswitches

Rolls for unwinding the film

The foil separator for the upper foil.


12. Control and electrical panels

The electrical panel is located inside the stainless steel cabinet, closed with a protective gasket

All electrical wires are numbered

Omron PLC

Touch control panel with reporting and the ability to make recipes

Motor protection against overheating


13. Other:

Support work frame, stainless steel AISI 304

The buttons are conveniently located on the front of the machine and on the operator control panel, complete with a warning light failure signal.

The machine is complete with a servomotor and an inverter for the lower part of the film advance

Basic SMC Pneumatic Equipment

Standard cooling circuit

Synchronization for external devices

Safety switches and protection of stainless cover at all stations

Central lubrication system

All stations can be controlled manually and separately

Stainless steel with adjustable legs with polyamide base.

Main advantages:

Guaranteed power

Accurate dosing

High quality packaging

Quality seal for maximum safety of packages

High level of cutting technology

Servo technology

Hygienic design

Easy cleaning

Easy access

Low Costs

High quality parts and construction resulting in a long service life

A user-friendly software interface with a touch screen provides an effective control machine


this is a link to the video work of the machine:

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