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Pre-packing Line for Bulk Stock into Paper Bags (032.32.01)
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Pre-packing Line for Bulk Stock into Paper Bags (032.32.01)

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This line is intended for pre-packing bulk stock, such as nuts, sweets, drops, corn curls, cereals, sugar, salt, soda, coffee grains, lyophilized coffee, beans, peas, etc. and heavily bulk powder stock like cinnamon, cacao powder, ground coffee, flour, starch, sugar powder, etc. into completed flat-bottom paper bags. Such products include flour and flour mixes, sand sugar, sugar powder, starch, salt, ground coffee, cacao powder, cereals and alike.

The following stages take place in an automated mode:

  • bags supply from the store;
  • opening a bag;
  • filling the bags by means of weighing batcher
  • wantage of stock in a bag;
  • folding, turning back and gluing a bag’s top;
  • output of prepared packages.

The line can be equipped with different types of  batchers depending on the material to be packed.

Technical characteristics

Capacity, pac/min up to 20
Doze weight, g 1000 - 3000
Power supply network parameters 220V, 50Hz
Installed capacity, kW 2,5
Compressed air demand, l/min (at 0.6 МPа) up to 100
Dimensions, mm, not more 3500 х 800 х 2000
Weight, kg, not more 480


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