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Pre-packing Line into Caddies (Twist-off)
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Pre-packing Line into Caddies (Twist-off)

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Depending on the construction the line is intended for pre-packing bulk stock, liquid and spreadable products into plastic or glass caddies with their further capping and labeling with stickers.

Principle of line operation is the following: the glass bottle moves from the turning accumulative table to the claw mechanism spot of the machine, container proximity sensor works out and, if there are no other blockages, the claw mechanism consequently moves the glass bottle to the dozing positions according to the specified product quantity, orientation and lid laying, vacuuming the sub-lid space and lid twisting with the specified force, bottle rotation to label it with a sticker and pushes it ahead into the end-product cradle.

Technical characteristics

Productivity, pac/min up to 25
Doze volume, сm3 (ml) up to 1000
Container applied Glass bottles
Power system parameters 220V, 50Hz
Installed power, kW 0.5
Compressed air demand, l/min (at 0.6 МPа) 80
Dimensions, mm, not more 1600х900х1400
Weight, kg, not more 150

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